White Goods Removal


There are various reasons you might need to remove appliances from your home. Whether it’s a broken product that is no longer in use, you’re moving house and your current appliances are surplus to requirements, or you’re simply upgrading your appliances, the need for a safe and secure service provider to come and remove your unwanted assets is paramount to having a swift, stressfree process.

Large appliances can’t be thrown away with your regular waste. Most homeowners don’t recognise the importance of this, and failure to comply with the rules can result in hefty fines. Therefore, ensuring you are getting rid of your unwanted appliances safely and using the correct service is vital.

There are a huge range of appliances that might require a professional appliance removal to take care of the job. White appliances are most common – these are the home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and stoves that are traditionally made in a ceramic white colour. Other items might include electronic products such as large TVs or entertainment units.

Due to their sheer weight, the upheaval of removing appliances from your home can be incredibly disruptive. Usually, these products are very heavy therefore can be incredibly difficult to lift, often resulting in personal injury for those not attune to heavy labour.

For busy, on-the-go homeowners (let’s face it, who isn’t these days?) actually having time to disconnect, load, unload and take these appliances to the tip isn’t always feasible, nor is having space in your car to fit the large appliances.

So, the need for manpower, the right equipment, knowledge of where they can be recycled and experience in general appliance removal is key.

For that, there’s no better solution than a professional appliance removal company. Here at Woodford Waste Removal we are seasoned professionals in ridding homeowners of their old unwanted appliances. Broken appliance removal, large appliance removal, we cover it all with a swift and stress free service that saves you the hassle.

Whether it’s white appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and stoves or electronics such as large TVs, our dependable, fully licensed team provides a comprehensive service to satisfy all your waste removal needs.

We don’t only save you a trip to the tip, but there’s no need to lift a finger at all – not even to move your appliance to the door ahead of our visit. We are able to collect your appliance from any room inside your home, disconnecting it and removing it safely and securely with no damage. Once we have it, it will be recycled at a proper facility for the parts to be sorted through.

Whatever you require, be it house clearance, garden clearance, office clearance, builders waste removal, commercial waste removal or skip hire, rest assured we have the solution. Whether you’ve got some bulky junk to shift, or you’re just looking to declutter your Woodford home or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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