Woodford House Clearance

Thinking about moving, clearing out your Woodford property on behalf of a friend or loved one, or simply have a lot of junk to shift? Our Woodford House Clearance Service has all the tools you need to get the job done, not only as quickly but as cost-efficiently as possible.

Our uniformed two man teams will happily remove all manner of household waste, including:

  •       Old videos, CDs, records etc.
  •       Old electrical appliances
  •       Kitchen and bathroom fittings
  •       Unwanted shoes and clothes
  •       Documents and books

As fully licensed waste carriers, you can rest assured that every last bit of waste we collect is properly and responsibly disposed of. Indeed, we can proudly say that 80% of all the waste we collect is either reused or recycled. We also carry full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Why choose us? 

Here at Woodford House Clearance, we get that moving or clearing out a house can be hugely stressful. Therefore, we aim to make the job as easy as possible for you. We book in two-hour slots so you won’t have to waste a day waiting for us to turn up, and once we arrive we’ll do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is sit back, put the kettle on and wait for the job to be done.

Our operating hours of 7am – 11pm, 7 days a week cater for even the most hectic of schedules, so you can guarantee we’ll find a time to suit you. An hour before we arrive, we will call you with a free, no obligation estimate, which is inclusive of labour, transport and disposal fees.

We designed our service to be as transparent as possible, and as a result you only pay for the space in our vehicle you actually fill. No matter how big or small the job, you won’t be stung by any surprise charges.

How to reach us

Give us a ring on 0208 185 0514 or you can always drop us an contact us online.

House Clearance

People make use of professional house clearance services at various points in their lives. It’s a professional household waste disposal service that tackles large amounts of waste quickly and efficiently. What is a local house clearance service and why might someone make use of them?

What is house clearance?

There is often some confusion about what constitutes a house clearance. It may involve removing the entire contents of the property for safe and legal disposal, or it could be a partial house clearance. It can be a way to create space or deal with the belongings of a deceased loved one. It might involve removing white goods, furniture removal or just general rubbish clearance. Garage waste removal can be a way to free up much-needed space. In some cases, it can involve sensitive and careful hoarder removals. It might just involve clearing out your shed or large rubbish pick up.

If you have a large volume of goods or bulky items that you wish to legally dispose of, then contacting a local house clearance company may be the most cost-effective and convenient option.

What are the advantages of using a house clearance service?

Dealing with a large volume of unwanted goods can be a time-consuming and back-breaking job. Knowing how and where to dispose of goods legally and safely can also be an issue. In some cases, we may need to hire a vehicle to help move larger items. Professional house clearance services know how to move unwanted items quickly and efficiently. They understand the health and safety issues involved and will be experienced in handling bulky items. A trusted local house clearance company can make the whole process of dealing with household waste simpler, removing the stress and allowing you to get on with other things.

Why do people use house clearance services?

People who have recently lost a loved one contact a household clearance company for a professional bereavement household clearance. Dealing with a loved one’s possessions can be distressing when you are in the middle of the grieving process. A professional household clearance company will take care of the entire process, sensitively removing any remaining belongings. This can then allow those who have been bereaved to sell any property they have inherited or to distribute it according to the contents of the deceased person’s will.

People who are moving house may also use a house clearance service. They may be downsizing to a smaller property and need to free up space. A landlord getting a property ready for new tenants may use a house clearance service to help prepare the property.

In some cases, professional house clearance companies are called in to tackle a property where belongings have built up as a result of hoarding issues.

Garden, garage and shed clearance can all make a time-consuming and tedious task, a lot easier, allowing you to enjoy the space you create faster. You might want old white goods or large furniture removed.

Professional house clearance services from Woodford Waste

At Woodford Waste, we make disposing of rubbish and unwanted items simple. Our professional uniformed house clearance service handles the process with sensitivity and care.

With easy booking and a straightforward approach to pricing, we make the whole process easier for our clients.

Call 0208 185 0514 or contact us online to make your booking.



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