Hoarder House Clearance

What is a hoarder?

There are some conditions and disorders that very misunderstood. Hoarding is where someone cannot remove things they have collected over a period of time. Hoarders can have a compulsion to keeping everything they collect, and there are numerous factors as to how this disorder has developed. The stigma around hoarding can also cause the hoarder to not seek help, in fear of being judged. Which is why a hoarder house clearance needs to be handled carefully. Hoarding can be either a symptom of a mental health problem, or it can be a condition developed from trauma. If you see signs of hoarding, you should encourage the person to seek medical attention, and support them.

What are the signs of a hoarder?

There is a small, difference between collecting and hoarding, but it is very significant. Collectors will usually have their collections well-ordered and stored properly. Whereas hoarders will usually have mass amounts of items unorganised, in the middle of a living area. You should keep an eye out for the following:

Valueless items

Collecting stamps, newspaper clippings, and other speculative items doesn’t mean someone is hoarding. If they have a stack of old newspapers, carrier bags, or old letters, these could be seen as a problem. When you need a hoarder house clearance, these items need to be taken, but the person needs to also be ready. The process will be distressing, but if they aren’t ready, they will just start again.


If the items they have seem to be in no order, all over the place, and impossible for someone to use, then this could be a sign of hoarding.

Unhealthy attachments

If when challenged, the hoarder cannot answer as to why they have these items, this could be an issue. Defensive behaviour over objects of no material or sentimental value is an indication they may be hoarding.

What issues can hoarding cause?

Mental health has become less stigmatised in recent times, and more is being done to understand the mind. Hoarding can cause, or be caused by, depression and anxiety. Knowing they need to do something about the clutter, but feeling powerless to do so will cause anguish. If they are hoarding rubbish, then this can also cause physical health issues. Especially respiratory issues from rotten food or rodent droppings. You need to act fast if this is the case, and a hoarder house clearance service can get rid of everything quickly, so you can focus on fixing any damage caused.

A hoarder house clearance requires discretion, respect, and understanding

Woodford Waste understands the importance of a no judgement hoarder waste clearance service. This is a difficult time for everyone involved, and being disrespectful will only make the situation worse. We have worked with many people just like you, and understand a dignified approach is the best way to make this situation more bearable. When you contact us, you don’t have to feel any shame or embarrassment; as there is nothing to be ashamed of. Call us on 0208 185 0514 for a no obligation quote, today!

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